Liliana Mercioiu-Popa is a visual artist who lives and works in Timișoara (Romania). Her practice includes in situ intervention, painting, drawing and object. The poetics and/or politics of space related to various historical contexts (collective or personal), with the analysis of their repercussions in the present, as expressions of coexistence, or the orientation towards micro- and macro-universes, with the observation of the interactions between the different levels (multiple spatialities) of reality, as well as the observation of tense subject-object interactions constitute the major directions of interest for the artist in recent times.

Born on July 20, 1975 at Târgu-Jiu (Romania).  Graduates in 1998 the Faculty of Arts and Design, Painting Dept. in Timişoara (Romania). In 2008 gets PhD degree in Visual Arts, with paper Poetic Arts in 20th-century Fine Art. Since 1999 teaches painting at the Faculty of Arts and Design in Timişoara (Romania).
Organizes exhibitions / interventions with students in dedicated spaces (Timco Market House, Studio 030202, Theresia Bastion, ICF Timișoara etc. ), alternative spaces (ELBA Factory) or public spaces (Festival of Timişoara Arts) etc.
Interferes with artistic groups of Timişoara: IN-FORMAT (a founding member in 2001), Noima (an exhibitor in 2013-2014) and Avantpost (a member since 2015).

2016 Win the projects competition - Art in Public Space section, with What about you? installation, BETA Architecture Biennial; 

Solo Exhibitions (Selection): 

2023 The (guide) line, the (personal) trait and the point (of view), curator Ami Barak, Pavilion Space- ISHO, Timișoara;

// Con(-)centric spaces, site-specific installation (indoor and outdoor) as an extension of the works in the exhibition Expanded Nature, META Gallery, Timișoara; 

2021 Subsequent Space, garden intervention, French Cultural Institut, Timișoara;  

2020 Methods of Building, curator Sandra Demetrescu, MNAC Bucharest; 

2016 Medial Space, Galateca Gallery, Bucharest; // Structures in Equilibrium, curator Marilena Preda-Sânc, Brancovan Palaces Cultural Center, Mogoşoaia;

2014  Variable Geometry, curator Ileana Pintilie, Jecza Gallery, Timişoara;

2013 On Fluidity, curator Ileana Pintilie, Bel Art Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia;

2011 What about you?, House of Arts - Pygmalion Gallery, Timişoara;

2007 In-formare, Calina Gallery, curator Ileana Pintilie, Timişoara etc.

Group Exhibitions (Selection) 

2023 Co-creating our environment, curated by Andreea Căpitănescu and Maria Orosan Telea, part from the Celebrating Trouble Program. Choreographic Convention, organized by WASP and 4Culture Bucharest in Timișoara; // Multi Species, Bergen School of Architecture, Bergen, organizers Bergen Arkitekthøgskole - BAS, WASP Working Art Space and Production and Cristian Ștefănescu A Architecture (Norway); // Ecologies of Care and Carefulness, Chapter 1: Useful Plants, curator Gabriela Mateescu and Valentina Iancu, Strata Gallery, Bucharest; // Expanded Nature, curator Ileana Pintilie, Meta Spațiu Gallery, Timișoara; // Exhibition of the Avantpost Group – Hyperesthesia, curator Maria Orosan telea, Bastion, Timișoara (complementary event Art Encounters; 

2022 Exhibition Plus 22 - Acquisitions MNAC 2022, Bucharest; // 2022 Itinerant exhibition Community in Solitude, WASP Bucharest - ArtEncounters Timișoara – UPArte Gallery Iași - Oberliht Chisinau, Republic of Moldova; // Affective Space. Hybrid Organs, curator Raluca Oancea Nestor, Kimaera # 1/Kinemaikon, Cultural Palace/Art Museum, Arad; 

2021 Invisible Cities – Imaginary Lands, curator Diana Marincu, Asociatia Contrasens, Comenduirea Garnizoanei, Timișoara; // Oasis.Green Identity, exhibition of the AVANTPOST group and their guests, curator Maria Orosan, Timișoara Young Naturalist Resort; 

2021 Apocalypse of the White Elephant, curators Malina Ionescu, Mirela Stoeac-Vladuti and Demise Parizek, Garrison Command, Timișoara;

2019 Art Dialogues, Biennale Art Encounters, curators Maria Lind and Anca Rujoiu (location - ISHO House/ArtEncounters Foundation), Timișoara;

2018 Common Space, curator Zofia Cielątkowska, ArtEncounters Foundation, Timisoara; // The use of Man, Danube Dialogues Contemporary Art Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia; // Woman all too woman, curator Andreea Foanene,  Art Museum, Timișoara; 

2017 Tour of Moldova in 7 days, Mobile Biennale, Club Electroputere, Romania – Republic of Moldova;

2016  Hidden Agenda, Avantpost group exhibition, No Man Land – White Night of Galleries, Scena9, Bucharest; 

2015 Appearance and Essence, Art Encounters Biennial,  What about you (individual participation in the section Art in public space),  Theresia Bastion Square, Timișoara; // Connection with the present (Avantpost group exhibition), curators: Nathalie Hoyos & Rainald Schumacher, Memorial of the 89 Revolution, Timișoara; 

2014 Beyond the Silence (Avantpost group exhibition), curator Maria Orosan Telea, Banat Museum/Bastion Theresia (attic), Timisoara;

2013 – Fine Art from Timisoara, Gedok Gallery, Karlsruhe (Germany); 

2012 Possible–Uncertain (video-photography-installation), curator Ileana Pintilie, Galeria Calina & Halele Timco, Timisoara;

2011 In the Light of Utopia, curator Ileana Pintilie, Romanian Cultural Institute, London (UK) // 2011 In the middle of things, curator Ileana Pintilie, Galeria Calina &Halele Timco, Timisoara - 2011, Art Museum, Cluj Napoca;

2010 7 terraces open to the world, curator Doina Talmann, KunstART Gallery, Bochum / Sanaa – Zollverein Kubus, Essen (Germany);

2009 Itinerant exhibition About the absurd in the visual arts, curator Ileana Pintilie, Timisoara; Budapest & Szeged (Hungary);

2004 Transfigurations: Point and from the end - Surveys on young art from Romania, curator Ileana Pintilie, Muzeul de Artă, Timisoara;

2003 Values, 11th Biennial of Visual Arts, curator Svetlana Mladenov, Pančevo (Serbia); 

2002 International Festival of Young Artists, curator Svetlana Mladenov, Vršac (Serbia);

2001 Underneath (IN-FORMAT group exhibition), Tent Art Gallery, Timisoara;

1996 Assistant curator for ZONE Festival, curated by Ileana Pintilie; 

1999 Assistant curator for "Un certain art de vivre / A certain way of life", Art Museum from Timisoara, exhibition of works from the collection of the Languedoc-Roussilon Frac crated by Ami Barak. 

Articles, Reviews and Publications

by Sandra Demetrescu/catalogue text for Solo Exhibition Metods of Building, MNAC, Bucharest, 2020

By Ileana Pintilie / catalog text for the "Structures in equilibrium" Solo Show / Palatele Brâncovenești Cultural Center

by Marilena Preda Sânc / catalog text for the "Structures in equilibrium" Solo Show / Palatele Brâncovenești Cultural Center

by Ileana Pintilie /catalogue text for Solo Exhibition, Jecza Galery, Timisoara, 2014

On Fluidity


by Svetlana Mladenov / catalogue text for the Solo Exhibition "On Fluidity", Bel Art Gallery/DANUBE DIALOGUES 2013



by Ileana Pintilie / curatorial text for "In-Formare" Solo Exhibition / Calina Gallery, Timisoara, 2007