This selection of drawings start with "Variables" (40x50 cm), in 2014, with wich I was quesioning about the possibility to use the simple, elementary drawing, as a medium of expression by itself, as the human being has always done. Such works also question the possibility of perception beyond the capabilities of our body, beyond the human way of seeing. We also know that the reality for each of us is given by the subjective capacity of perception.

Even in terms of perceptible reality, things are rarely as they seem. What we are not capable of seeing defines our existence maybe even more then what we can see. I think it is very important to reflect about these levels of reality as well.

Thus, I set out to go beyond an orthogonal (Euclidean) geometry specific to our usual way of constructing, to make reference to a variable, organic, moving geometry (non-Euclidean) that needs to be discovered.

These drawings appeared in my work due to the need to clarify my personal way of relating to the world. I was interested in breaking the boundaries of space between bi and three-dimensional, whether I expressed myself on a two-dimensional surface, like here, or I unfolded in space.

I was also interested in doing each drawing in the most succinct way, like signs, and containing its own world: visible and invisible at the same time, micro and macro at the same time, two-dimensional and three-dimensional at the same time, but also suggesting other possible dimensions.

Although stylistically they seem to borrow familiar forms from the history of art, I didn't construct them according to their initial meaning, but rather to liberate them from their initial context, in order to make newer and newer recontextualizations possible in my work.